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Seaway Impact

Feel the impact; touch the sun.

Impact of the Ocean (Sanji/Luffy)
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No idea. Err...I'll add this later.

1. There's a whole bunch of One Piece communities, including quite a few yaoi ones, so please - no other pairings here. Unless it's a side thing you had to mention.

2. Repect other members, or...? (I'm not planning on anything yet since I really hope I wouldn't have to.)

3. If you see any icon/banners, please don't direct link, and credit them/link back when you're using them.

4. LJ-CUT fanfics. And anything that may count as spoilers to some. And just long rants in general. Wouldn't want to spam any f-lists more than necessary.

5. F-LOCK for downloads that...well, you know. It's all a deep dark secret that doesn't exist.

And another rating community:gargoyle_rating